from York

I can neither read nor write japanese now. It is hard to login to hatena without japanese font. Today I'm going to Liverpool. I bought a bus ticket yesterday. It takes about 4 hours via Leeds, not so long.

During this travel, I think about passion and activeness(footwork?). Most of us tend to go abroad with passion. In another word, without passion for something to see or something to visit, they never travel abroad. However, I'm not so much passionated. I forgot why I wanted to come England.(I remember now. It's for Excellent UK design.)

More activeness less passion, I could enjoy myself, however I felt I could enjoy much more if I were eager to go there, if I had strong passion for something. I enjoyed visitting Tree House, alnwick castle, British largest second-hand bookstore, National railway museum and Viking archeological museum. Of course I was happy visiting there. However, I could enjoy the largest railway museum in the world if I were railway mania. I'm not passionated anything. I have nothing special to say. I feel I am young, just child. I have few knowledge, few skills and few experience.